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The premier business conglomerate & market leader for footwear and bicycle tyres in Sri Lanka. The DSI Samson Group consists of 22 subsidiaries successfully servicing local and international markets since 1962.

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The market leader for footwear in Sri Lanka, the DSI Samson Group manufactures a range of stylish and comfortable footwear products for the entire family.

Retail & Trading

Subsidiaries of the DSI Samson Group efficiently promote the retail and trading of footwear, as well as garments through in-depth marketing and distribution strategies.

Tyres & Tubes

International patents and ISO certifications are among the factors that enable the DSI Samson Group’s Tyres & Tubes sector to maintain a major share of the Sri Lankan market.

Rubber Products

We produce high-quality and well-engineered rubber components that have a number of practical uses, and meet the standards of domestic as well as international markets.

Rubber Compounding

We provide superior rubber compounding solutions for major companies in the domestic market and are able to meet the stringent international standards of this sector.

Reclaim Rubber

Going green wherever possible, Samson Reclaim Rubbers Ltd makes the most of the group’s collective rubber waste and other externally collected rubber waste to recycle and reuse as appropriate.


Combining advanced technology with a skilled workforce, the apparel-related subsidiaries of the DSI Group adhere to a low-cost philosophy, while not compromising on quality.


As a vital cog of the DSI Samson Group, the engineering unit of the company plays a key role in maintaining the machinery of all the subsidiaries under the conglomerate.


The production of brushes and brooms is a flourishing industry in Sri Lanka, and with hard word, dedication, and attention to detail, we continue to remain a leading player in this sector.

Clay Tiles

Our floor and roof tiles made by using natural clay from ancient man-made reservoirs bring in a historic flair to your home.

Information Technology

We have branched out from core IT functions and now provide a host of industry specific solutions including hardware, software and network solutions, while also maintaining backup systems.

Food, Beverages & Agriculture

Modern methods and processes have made the food and beverage sector fast-paced; the DSI Samson Group meets this demand by implementing eco-friendly and organic alternatives.

Hydro Power

The Hydro Power sector is of strategic interest to the organisation, as we consider this an opportunity to contribute towards the development of Sri Lanka.


Combining the general services needed for our group of companies, SGCS gathers a hub of specialists to provide more effective and adept solutions.


As a reliable player in this industry, Samson Bikes will continue to meet the international demand for quality bicycles through strong mutually beneficial relationships with global brands.


We offer complete end-to-end transportation and logistics services. Our current logistics portfolio serves diverse industry verticals offering solutions for complex logistics requirements.

Corporate Office

DSI Samson Group
No. 110
Kumaran Rathnam Road
Colombo 02
Sri Lanka.

T: +94 (0)11 21 31 800
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E: info@dsi.lk (General)