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CommunityBeing a corporate citizen for more than 40 years, community programmes at DSI Samson Group is certainly not a new topic. DSI Samson Group and its subsidiaries have always endorsed events that highlight the Sri Lankan culture and heritage.

One of the most popular events that DSI Samson Group had sponsored is an exhibition that highlights the ancient temples of Sri Lanka called "Raja Maha Weheraka Asiriya". Under the first stage, one hundred ancient temples (Raja Maha Viharas) were photographed and each temple was highlighted in the newspaper on Poya Days. A description about the temple, pictures and directions are published on these advertisements. After the 100th temple was highlighted in this manner, an exhibition was held for 3 days in major cities and the public response we received for this project was outstanding.

The annual Vesak competition held in the Colombo Town Hall area is also jointly sponsored by DSI Samson Group.

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebration (Sooriya Mangallaya) along with the Independent Television Network is another community project that is held annually.

Tsunami house rebuilding projects, community development programs, sub-contracting, maintenance of temples around the Galle area and helping under-privileged schools and students is also continuously done by the Group.

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