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Manufacturer of reclaimed rubber from the scrap tires in Sri Lanka, DSI Samson Group
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The DSI Samson Group strongly believes in the minimisation of environmental damage and makes every effort to abide by eco-friendly norms and procedures. Samson Reclaim Rubbers Ltd was created with the sole objective of recycling scrap tyres and other rubber waste to produce trivial yet essential rubber products such as mats, dock fenders, and conveyor belts.

Samson Reclaim Rubbers Ltd uses a chemical devulcanisation process to convert rubber waste. The Company supplies over 75 percent of the requirement for these products in the domestic market, while meeting the demands of niche overseas markets. The DSI Samson Group is involved in many betterment projects, CSR related and otherwise, including one which converts recycled tyre crumbs to safe rubber tiles used in surfacing children’s play areas to minimise the risk of injury.

Rubber tiles Gym mats manufacturer and exporter in Sri Lanka, Samson Reclaim Rubbers

Samson Reclaim Rubbers Ltd

A pioneering company in Sri Lanka, Samson Reclaim Rubbers Ltd. was established in 1991. Serving the export market and 80% of the local requirement, the Company engages in the recycling of scrap tyres for producing Reclaimed Rubber (a full capacity of 7,500 tons per year) as well as Play Tiles for unitary sports surfacing.

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