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EducationDSI Samson Group and its subsidiaries have always been closely associated with Sri Lanka’s education sector especially with regard to sponsorships.

The DSI Super Sport "Danumai Wasanaawai" is a well-known quiz contest for school children. Almost all schools in the country participate in this programme which runs throughout the year. The standards of this quiz contest are being closely monitored by the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka. In addition to the participants, other students of these schools also take a special interest in taking part in this programme. The full programme is being telecast through a popular local TV channel.

"Mathematical Olympiad" is the latest quiz programme sponsored by DSI Samson Group with the assistance of the Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo and is held once a year. The purpose of this quiz contest is to uplift the mathematical knowledge and standards of Sri Lankan students. The final winners of this contest are provided with the opportunity of participating at the International Mathematical Olympiad held annually.

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