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With the tremendous amounts of maintenance necessary for the machinery used by the DSI Samson Group and our subsidiaries, it was only a matter of time before we branched out into the engineering industry as well. From servicing colossal industry-sized rubber mixing units to the simple sewing machine, Samson Engineers (Pvt) Ltd develops, repairs and maintains all engineering aspects of our manufacturing units.

Recent developments include the investment in software and precision equipment such as CNC machines, which design and manufacture moulds, as well as dyes, specifically used in the rubber and plastic-product industries. Samson Engineers (Pvt) Ltd is a highly specialised company that plays a crucial role in the Samson Group.

Civil construction and engineering Mechanical engineering company in Sri Lanka, Samson Engineers

Samson Engineers (Pvt) Ltd

Samson Engineers (Pvt) Ltd., is a Multidisciplinary Engineering Company in Sri Lanka. Main services include Civil Engineering, Logistics (a registered carrier of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation), Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and an Automobile Engineering Division.

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