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Bottled water Fresh fruits Vegetables producer and distributor in Sri Lanka, DSI Samson Group
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DSI Samson Group has entered the food, beverage and agriculture sectors with two subsidiary companies that play unique roles in Sri Lanka.

Mount Spring Water (Pvt) Ltd is renowned for its refreshing bottled water. Bearing SLS, ISO, health ministry certification etc, our bottled water is processed according to high international standards and is now exported to many overseas markets.

SRG Holdings (Pvt) Ltd manages large scale farms which cultivates fresh fruits. We use the modern scientific agricultural systems which enable us to run our farms at very high efficiency levels. Further we use eco-friendly production methods, minimizing the damage to the environment and in addition, we follow post-harvest best practices and these enable us to maintain our wastage levels well below the industry average.

Our plantations are located in remote areas, providing employment opportunities to those who live in these areas and support them to improve their living standards.

Fresh fruits Vegetables Nuts Beverages producer & distributor in Sri Lanka, SRG Holdings

SRG Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

Engaging in production and distribution of quality fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and spices, processed foods and beverages, SRG holdings is also involved in plantations and the production, distribution and export of SLS certified spring water brand, Mount Spring.

Bottled spring water supplier in Sri Lanka, Mount Spring Water

Mount Spring Water (Pvt) Ltd

Incorporated in 2004, Mount Spring Water (Pvt) Ltd bottles Drinking Water at its sourced and bottled at Sri Lanka’s most Modern, Fully automated and Hygienic plant that follows strict quality control measures.

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