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DSI holds Dealer Conventions and felicitates Dealers in Matale, Kandy and Kurunegala

Posted on 6 March, 2015

DSI recently held two Dealer Conventions to felicitate its dealers in Matale, Kandy and Kurunegala out of its network of more than 3,800 dealers from around the country. The company believes in maintaining strong relationships with the dealers and in appreciating them for their commitment and dedication to the DSI brand and to D. Samson & Sons (Pvt) Ltd. It is only through strong ties with the dealers that the company will grow, from revenue to customer base.

The company holds conventions annually, in many locations in the country, to meet and interact with its dealers. This year’s convention for the dealers in Matale and Kandy was held at the Grand Kandyan Hotel, Kandy on 26th February, while the convention for dealers in Kurunegala was held at the Kandyan Reach Hotel on 3rd March. The theme for this year’s conventions has been “Race to Success”, and the conventions drew massive numbers of dealers, cementing the success of the conventions.

The conventions felicitated 30 of the company’s most outstanding dealers from the Matale, Kandy and Kurunegala regions for their impressive performance during the year.

D. Samson and Sons (Pvt) Ltd -Chairman, Mr. Nandadasa Rajapaksa; General Manager, Mrs. Kaushalya Perera; Head of Sales - Mr. Asanka Rajapaksa; DGM, Mr. Nishanth Gamachchi; and the senior sales management of D.Samson and Sons (Pvt) Ltd attended the 2015 conventions.

The conventions aimed to share knowledge about the company and product ranges, interact with dealers and provide a forum to discuss their issues/grievances, and to appreciate the best performing dealers for the year 2014. In addition, the conventions also provide a space for the dealers to enjoy themselves away from their more busy everyday lives. In keeping with this objective, the conventions’ entertainment items included sing-along and dance-off session, which was much enjoyed by the dealers.

The key highlight that added much glamour at the events was the inclusion of fashion shows featuring the newest footwear designs under the labels of DSI, Ranpa and Samson. This was doubly important as it gave the dealers a better understanding of the range of products on offer from DSI as well as the new arrivals for the coming seasons.

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