DSI Samson Group has an inherent culture that values skills, development, and collaboration. The work you do will have a direct impact on our business as well as the community.

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Name: Susantha M Vithanage

Company: D. Samson Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Number of years at the company: 30 years

Position: Deputy General Manager

Qualification and/or number of years of industry experience:
Having EDBA from University of Colombo and 30 years of experience in Information Technology field climbing up to the level Manager-Information Technology from the position of Management Trainee while having more than 15 years of experience in managing ERP system called IFS from the implementation stage before promoting to the position of Deputy General Manager at D. Samson Industries (Pvt) Ltd. I was fortunate to complete a program conducted in Japan by Business Innovation by Information Technology (BIIT) in 2007.

Family details: My Wife Renuka, is an English teacher and having two sons who are still studying at Mahinda College, Galle. The support that I’m getting from my family to perform my duty above the expectations of the Top Management must be appreciated. At the same time, my family has a great gratitude towards D. Samson Industries (Pvt) Ltd for the support rendered to my family to grow up to this level.

His/Her feelings about the company:

30 years of my service at D. Samson Industries (Pvt) Ltd is an ample time which is nearly 60% of Company’s age to see most of the developments of this giant business conglomerate from the very basic level. I’m having the pride of supporting the company to my level best in all aspects during bad times and good times in growing up to this stage.

I'm very fortunate to have a good team like this to work with and the support that I’m getting from all the team members in different levels is very impressive and encouraging.

I'm looking forward to make my fullest contribution in achieving company’s mission of going Local to Global and to shine DSI Samson Group name in all parts of the world as a renowned brand that speaks about best quality designs to cater various fashion trends while bringing foreign currencies to Sri Lanka for the development of my mother land.

Name: Lakmal Dharmarathne

Company: D Samson Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Number of years at the company: 7 years

Position: Deputy General Manager

Qualification and/or number of years of industry experience:
BBA-Special/Advanced Dip in Management Accounting UK/ National Diploma in Human Resources Management, IPM Sri Lanka, 12 + years of experience. Worked at SINGER and a consulting firm previously as part of the management team.

Family details: Wife Primali and the son Dihene.

His/Her feelings about the company:

I certainly take pride in being a member of the DSI Samson Group. In here, there's immense collaboration and have an environment that allows exploring a dynamic career path tailored to map personal growth. One amazing trait of this truly Srilankan company is that the loyalty to the founder Chairman and the philosophies of the company.

There's a supportive community of professionals working together towards achieving the common objectives.

I am certainly looking forward to a long standing career at this company.

As guided by the founder Chairman, DSI Samson Group as a whole contributes largely to the Sri Lankan culture and its heritage. There are functions organized by the employees to celebrate the cultural events throughout the year with the blessings of the top management.

Name: Sudarshana Wickramaarachchi

Company: D. Samson Industries (Pvt) Ltd / Samson Compounds (Pvt) Ltd

Number of years at the company: 2 years

Position: Manager Human Resources & Administration

Qualification and/or number of years of industry experience:
Diploma in Personnel Management IPM - Sri Lanka; Diploma In Work Study – Institute of Management Services - UK – 23 years Industrial Experience in the field of HR & Administration. Previous employers – Brandix, Smart Shirts, Janashakthi Insurance, Crystal Sweaters, Jubilee Apparel, Korea Lanka Garments, Next Manufacturing, Dankotuwa Porcelain.

Family details: Wife – Dona Madurakamini Weeraman – Investigator – Ministry of Defense. Son – Isuru Uddala Wickramaarachchi – Student Nalanda College - Colombo – Sitting G.C.E. A/L in 2014 August.

His/Her feelings about the company:

DSI Samson Group is an extra ordinary company not only because it implements extra ordinary business strategies but also it has extra ordinary HR practices which eventually keeps the Company above its competitors with high level of employee satisfaction and industrial relations.

Well experienced, very methodical, very much trusted team who accepts challenges very positively.

I want the company to think of me as one of the most important partners who cannot be replaced easily.

As I noticed DSI Samson Group believe that country is always first and I have seen situations where the Company gives second place to the business but first place to the country. DSI Samson Group drives it employees also to be responsible citizens who take care of their motherland.